Through the Office of the Provost’s Cluster Hiring Initiative, faculty members are part of Stony Brook University’s Smart Energy Technologies (SET). Led by Dr. Erez Zadok, Professor of Computer Science at Stony Brook, SET collaborates with other academic and research institutions to enable innovative energy research.  

SET faculty members work closely with Stony Brook’s DoE Smart Grid Demonstration Project, the Advanced Energy Center (ARTEC), Center for Wireless information Technology (CEWIT), and Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) to address many of the challenges surrounding energy today, including modern power generation, transmission, distribution, delivery and consumption, and especially computational and smart grid issues.

A current research project spearheaded by SET is the Smart Grid National Energy Control Center, led by Arie Kaufman, Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Computer Science Department. This research will develop new visualization and interaction paradigms using the RealityDeck—an immersive Giga-pixel display that wraps around an entire room.

One of SET’s missions is to recruit faculty and partners who are well versed in smart energy-related research areas, ranging from business and economics to cyber-security.